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Recovery Programs Owned & Operated by Clinicians

Believe Recovery And Counseling, Inc.

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Health Insurance

We accept most public and private insurance plans and will assist you in filing your insurance claims

  • Day/Night Treatment:   Our clients have the convenience of continuing to reside at home while commuting to our treatment center during the week to undergo their addiction treatment program.


  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment:  Clients process core issues, process emotions and learn new tools for staying in recovery.

  • ​Outpatient  and Individual Treatment:  Clients are able to meet with their therapist one to two times weekly to work on healing, learning their personal "why" of their addiction and trauma. Clients lean to let go of shame and guilt, and gain self-esteem and dignity.

Our Vision

New Patients

At Believe Recovery And Counseling Center our goal is to create a comprehensive addiction treatment program. We concentrate on the needs of a small group of clients to heal, nurture & care for people struggling with addition and related mental health issues.

​​New patients receive a preliminary consultation to establish a personalized care plan.

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